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All work i do is guaranteed for fair wear and tear.

I do not test rebarrels nor newly built rifles beyond proof testing. This is to keep the cost of rebarrelling down , plus i simply dont have the time.

In the unlikely event of a barrel not shooting , testing can, and will be carried out, and the blank replaced at my discretion. If the barrel is found to shoot satisfactorily , the work carried out will be charged at the hourly rate of £45 plus components and range fees.

All rifles carry a 12 months guarantee on parts to the original purchaser. However the use of home loaded , or non SAAMI/CIP spec ammunition will instantly invalidate the warranty.

I cannot be held responsible for peoples inability to handload correctly and safely.

All firearms will be returned under uninsured TNT courier service at £35 per consignment. Bolts will be returned under royal mail special delivery, which is insured.

When paying for such return delivery, the contract is between you and the courier. In the event of a loss, i will supply all delivery data, but the recovery will be down to you, the customer.

All rifles left in my care are insured against accidental damage , and the utmost care is taken with them during my possession. However, unforseen problems, such as bolt handles coming off in the lathe during machining for knobs, barrels galling upon removal etc, are not covered.

Such problems will be repaired at cost as i cannot be responsible for manufacturers errors.

Under British law, all firearms must be proof tested. The proof house accept NO responsibility for firearms damaged whilst in their care, nor if a gun fails proof by blowing up.

I will not accept liability for any gun whilst being proof tested either. The liability lies solely with the customer, and this is deemed to be accepted when the customer orders a custom rifle and pays a deposit. 

Errors and omissions excepted.


There is a growing tendency for people to buy donor rifles and have them sent to me for rebarrelling/customising. Whilst I have no problem with this at all, the rapidly deteriorating firearms licensing service are now taking months giving out variations. This is choking my armoury with donor guns.

There will now be a storage charge of £5 per week on such rifles, payable in block monthly payments up front.


Firearms not collected after notification of repair/work will now be charged at £10 per week after the first month, and interest charged at 10% compounded on the bill.

After 3 months of non collection , the firearm will be sold to recoup the cost of work/repairs and the relevant police authority informed the customer no longer needs/owns the firearm. 

Custom rifles take time to build. Components are sourced from all over the world. This can delay the finished product . Please be assured, you will be informed by e-mail of any new developments. Please don't constantly bombard me with e-mails regarding progress or pester me for a final date. This simply slows everyones guns down as while i,m wasting time typing, i,m not building guns.


January 2011.

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