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A little thought should be applied when choosing a sound moderator. What purpose will the rifle be used for ?

Wiil it be a stalking rifle ? If so, the mod needs to be lightweight and wont see heavy use in it's working life. That would point towards an aluminium mod with stainless baffles. Possibly a titanium moderator if funds will allow.

Will it be a tactical/target rifle ? Undoubtedly on a large calibre, with the mod serving as a noise reducer but also as a recoil reducer, and seeing a lot of shots in quick succession, so a fair amount of powder and heat. A steel moderator would fit the bill better.

Match the moderator to the type of use it will get, and you will then get a reasonable life from the unit.

I keep the ASE utra , JET-Z , S5 , and T8 , T4,s , also the modular steel A-Tec from Jacksonrifles. Also the MYM stainless from Border Barrels.

In Titanium, the best by far are the excellent units from Quicksilver. These are not stocked due to their many permutations in bore size. They are matched exactly to the calibre. Available to special order quite quickly.

Then there is the Brugger and Thomet steel moderator in various sizes. These are Mil-spec, and rated for full auto. These have a seriously long life.

Modular aluminium/stainless units are kept too, from SYSS and Third Eye Tactical. These are good lightweight units that are fully strippable, to clean and replace worn parts.

Top picture shows, left to right.

Brugger and Thomet with AI brake it utilises. Third Eye Tactical modular reflex unit. SYSS modular reflex unit.

Bottom picture shows left to right.

BR tuote T8 , MYM T8 stainless, ASE Utra, A-Tec steel modular.

I have a reduced rate for screwcutting your barrel when supplying the moderator.

I reserve the right to refuse fitting to what I consider to be a sub standard thread. Many "factory threads " are substandard in the UK. Most are not to specification or not square to the bore.

True factory threads are usually fine.





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