Custom Built Rifles

               Semi custom Remingtons.

Basic up to Custom.

The famous Remington 700. The rifle that virtually all other actions are a copy of in one way or another is a fantastic rifle. There must be more aftermarket parts, stocks, triggers etc , available for it than any other gun.

Its a great rifle for the rifleman on a budget, who likes to uprate his gun , a little at a time, as funds allow.

I supply standard rifles with a basic "tune up " out of the box which includes a refaced and recrowned barrel , polished bolt rails and standard trigger reset to a more acceptable weight of pull , all in the standard rifle price.

The next step up from there is basically "accurising " the factory rifle, and includes lug lapping, reciever face squaring and bolt face too. Along with checking, and resetting bolt timing if required and other smoothing and honing operations which are a trade secret . These are the basics of a blueprint, but without opening up the action, thus utilising the factory barrel.

For a "before and after" article on my accurised rifles, please have a look at the series of articles by Mr Laurie Holland in Targetshooter online magazine. The accuracy benefits are real .

A variety of aftermarket stocks are available from Accuracy International , McMillan Bros , Manners , Bell and Carlson , Robertson , and shortly PSE composites.

Triggers from Jewel , Shilen , Rifle Basix , Timney and Kepplinger.

Bolt Knob conversions using Third Eye Knobs , Rails of all shapes and Cant,s , etc etc.

Anything for a Remmy , basically !


                       The other end of the scale.

This Remington has had an aftermarket barrel from Border fitted, fully bedded into a McMillan stock , My bottom metal and detachable mag system , and a full duracoat paint job in Magpull Flat Dark Earth.

Not a lot more can be done to a Remmy ! 



I usually have in stock, both new and second hand Remington actions to build guns from. Please call or contact me for prices/quotes on your next Remington.

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