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Action Bedding.

People regularly ask me...is it worth bedding my rifle ?  In 99 out of 100 cases, I would say "yes". Bedding will make no difference to the 1 % who cannot shoot, or be bothered to put the work into load development etc, but it will help the other 99% of guns whose owners want the maximum performance from their rifles.

Bedding involves machining out the stock, to accept a pair of aluminium pillars. These are bonded in permanently, then the stock material is removed from around them, for the entire length of the action. This is then replaced with stainless steel Devcon. After curing it is machined up to finish. A very brief, and simplistic explanation of bedding.

What it ensures is that the barrelled action is now sat inside a devcon "glove" that is a perfect mirror finish of itself. It also ensures that the barrelled action is sat in a completely stress free position.In conjunction with a fully free floating barrel, the rifle should now perform at its very best. This is one of the tricks to squeeze that last bit of accuracy from a gun.

Wooden, and synthetic stocks are the main types to bed, but stocks such as HS Precision or Accuracy International's AICS system also bed very well, providing enough aluminium is removed first. I always remove at least 1/16" of material, preferably more, to give a good solid, depth of Devcon.

What you will not get from me is a "skim bedding job" This is a corner cutting, cheap method that does not work correctly. The action can still bear on high points in the aluminium block, and is still stressed as a consequence. You will find the price is usually the same too !

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