Custom Built Rifles

                            Lighter Tikka/Sako trigger springs.

Aftermarket springs that fit the Tikka T3 , 595/695 , sako 75 , quad, and basically any model of these guns that has the front adjustment screw [ arrowed ]Simple to fit, simply remove the screw arrowed and replace the old spring on its guide with the new. Pull weight can go as low as 12oz safely with the screw fully out.

The Rifle MUST be bump tested, and the bolt rammed home hard several times to test the safety of the trigger. If it drops at all , then the screw MUST be screwed further in to make the pull heavier/safe.

If in any doubt about fitting, consult a professional gunsmith.

NO responsibility will be taken by Valkyrie rifles for the safety of a rifle , fitted with an aftermarket spring, unless by myself.

Custom bolt handles for the Tikka T3 and the 595/695

A new range of stainless steel bolt handles fitted with an Aluminium , anodised bolt handle.

There are two types , one for the Tikka T3 and one for the Tikka 595 and 695. They are NOT interchangeable. Both type will also fit Left hand bolts.



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