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Left Handed Rifles.

Left handed shooters form a disproportionatly large section of the shooting community. I have never understood why they are so poorly served by the trade.

Left handed guns and stocks etc have always had a slightly higher price than right handed parts. Thats a simple economic fact unfortunately, however that should not stop the trade catering for the left hander.

I've built quite a lot of left handed guns in the past, usually on Lawton or Remington actions. The Remingtons are still available and the Valkyrie action is also available in left hand in either single shot or repeater versions and with a choice of bolt tolerances. They will even be available in long action in the new year !

Coupled with a decent choice of left handed stocks now there really is no reason why the left hander has to put up with a right handed gun anymore.

This is one of a trio built for the same customer. Its a single shot 6mmBr.


Close up pic.

A customers trio.

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