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Duracoat Custom Paint

Duracoat is a specialist firearms paint , made in the USA by Lauer custom weaponry.It is a two pack system, similar to vehicle paint in its usage, but contains ptfe etc which aids lubricity for firearms applications. It will chemically cure in around three weeks, but is usable after 24 hours. I bake my work in a very large oven, which drastically reduces the curing time, and bakes the paint harder.When a rifle comes in for paint, it is stripped down to the last component part...barrel removed...everything. It is then degreased in solvent. From there its blasted with aluminium oxide in a blast cabinet. This ensures a perfect key for the paint. Degreased again, then the paint finish applied. From there  into the oven for a couple of hours.This gives the absolute maximum durability to the paint.

I have around 75% of the entire Lauer paint inventory in stock, and every single colour they use for the peel and spray patterns. For ideas have a look at their site.


I have all the camouflage patterns they have available, and one or two of my own.

When the paint is dry and usable, the rifle is fully assembled again, having a full clean, service, and relubrication as it is assembled. This is the only way to ensure the paint's integrity, and that the rifle will function correctly afterwards.

The rifle below is one I built for a customer, who wanted the metalwork to match the McMillan marbled stock.


The only limits are your imagination......


                                   * Warning *

 There are several companies now purporting to offer duracoat.

When enquiring for work , ask these questions.

1. Is the gun completely stripped down to the last nut and bolt by a proffessional gunsmith with experience ?

2. Are the gun parts completely degreased, then Gritblasted with aluminium oxide, then degreased again ?

3. Is genuine duracoat being applied ?

4. Are the parts then baked in an appropriate oven ?

5. Is the gun reassembled, with the correct lubricants, and all parts set back up to where they should be, with a basic service thrown in free ?

Because if this regime isn,t followed to the letter, then your new, paintjob hasn,t been done correctly, and will not wear well.

I get guns in every week painted by cowboys where the finish is coming off the gun IN THE GUNBAG. These range from just poor , unblasted jobs, to where the gun actually doesn,t function correctly anymore, because paint has been applied in all the wrong places.

My work is guaranteed for fair wear and tear, and follows all the points above...thats why it is realistically priced....its done properly.


                custom patterns available to special order

               A-Tacs style cammo now available.


Please note !

I do NOT supply Duracoat, or Cerakote in paint form at all. Both are specialist paints, not suitable for DIY. Nor do i supply the trade with either paint, due to the high cost of Hazmat import shipping.

I also ONLY paint firearms.Not Airsoft toys or the new breed of plastic 22Lr,s. 

          Duracoat colours in stock.

Woodland green

Cadpat dark green

Tiger stripe green

Swedish K

Cooler green

Tactical OD green

Cadpat light green

ACU grey green

AUG green

Tactical woodland green

Sniper green

ACU deep grey green

Cavalry arms Foliage green


Multicam medium green

Multicam dark green

Multicam light green

British DPM green

ABU dark green

ABU medium green

ABU light green

Tactical grey green

German light green



Tactical dark earth

Woodland tan

Woodland brown

Gold coast

Belgian brown

Tactical woodland tan

Desert mirage sand

Multicam dark brown

Multicam beige

Multicam light brown

Coyote brown

British DPM brown

British DPM tan

ACU light tan

Blackhawk coyote tan

ABU tan

Wilderness mirage brown

Desert mirage sand

Desert mirage lizard

Desert mirage brown

Desert beige

Desert brown

Cadpat brown

Bengal brown

Tactical woodland brown

Desert mirage tan


Desert mint

Magpul flat dark earth

Tactical dark earth

Woodland cammo brown


Advanced tigerstripe brown

Tigerstripe brown


Matte clear

Satin clear

Gloss clear



Metallic green

Metallic blue

Hot pink

Furious Mike

Pink lady

Orange sherbert

Blaze orange

Sunburst yellow

Wild yellow

Beaming blue


German red

Electric cherry

Duralazer clear.


Stainless steel

Matte black

Snow grey

Urban mirage white

Tactical black

Hechler and Koch black


Tactical extreme grey


German flectarn

Light green

Dark green



Dark brown




Light blue

Dark grey

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