Custom Built Rifles

Custom Rifle Builds.

A custom rifle, is just that. It will be whatever you wish it to be.

I will build to whatever specification you require in a gun. I will also offer advice, based on personal experience as far as is possible.

What I will not do, is sell you something that does not fit the purpose, nor will I sell you something that just happens to be in stock. I pride myself on customer satisfaction, that is only gained by supplying the correct rifle and calibre for the job. If I think a calibre isn't suitable for the job in hand, we will discuss it. I will not, however, sacrifice my reputation by building a gun unsuitable for purpose. After many years in the trade, the one thing i've found that brings people back...is honesty.

I tend to keep a large inventory of actions, barrels, and stocks, so rifles can be built in reasonable time frames. The fastest was 3 weeks, the average is 2-3 months. The proof house being the deciding factor, and how busy they are.

I will give you a timescale on ordering a rifle, based on parts in stock, and do my very best to keep to it. I do not charge for non stocked reamers, unless they are a true wildcat, where upon a 50% charge is made.

All custom rifles are subject to a 50% down payment, paying at the time of order. This is non returnable.

All gunsmith work is done on the premises by myself....no one else. There are a lot of companies about now who claim to build you a custom rifle, then farm the work out to half a dozen different people. This does not give satisfactory results, and a saleman is not the man to speak to, if the gun does not perform correctly, as he wont have a clue where to start.

Talk to the organ grinder !

My current inventory of reamers is;

.17 ackley hornet

.17 remington

.204 ruger

.20 tactical

.20 practical

.20 br

.22 K - hornet

.221 fireball

.222 remington

.223 remington

.223 Wylde

.223 AR Match 


.22-250 ackley improved

.220 swift


.243 win

.243 win ackley improved


6mmbr short throat

6 x 47 lapua

6-284 win


6mm SLR




.257 roberts

6.5 x 47

.260 remington

6.5 Creedmoor

6.5 x 284 winchester

6.5 x 55 swedish mauser

.260 rem ackley improved


.284 winchester

7mm Remington Magnum.

7mm Rsaum 

7 x 64 Brenneke 

.270 WSM

.270 Win

.308 winchester

.308 Palma match 

.300 win mag

.300 Remington ultra mag

.300 weatherby magnum

.300 WSM

30-06 springfield 

.300 AAC Blackout

.300 whisper

.338 lapua magnum

I have throating reamers in all calibers if longer than standard throats are required. Otherwise all chambers are to standard SAAMI or CIP minimum specifications.

For a list of components available, please see Current Components.

Sporting rifles for vermin and deer.

Clubman rifles for various competitions.

Tactical and extreme range rifles. 

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