Custom Built Rifles

               Custom Tikka T3 Bolt handles

 photo 52d1c648-fcce-49b2-afa4-33f92404eaa3_zpsc6e722bb.jpgThese are now Available is Stainless steel and the knobs in anodised aluminium .

Complete they are £75 plus carriage, or the shaft on its own at £55 plus carriage.

Stainless balls will be available shortly .

Handles are also in production for the Tikka 595 and 695 , and will be available very soon. 

Custom Bolt Knobs.

Nothing makes a rifle handle better at speed than a custom made larger bolt knob....especially a Remington. I've lost count of the amount of times I've fumbled a bolt or skinned my knuckles on the side of a scope mount when trying for a fast reload in a McQueens comp.

Here is my Tactical bolt knob which is bigger and better than the standard ones fitted to most rifles. Its made from aluminium and is hard anodised. These will fit most bolt handles after turning down and threading. They are then fixed permanently with Devcon.The thread patterns I use are M8 x 1.25 and the American 5/16" x 24 tpi. Threads are single point cut, and then bonded. If you wish to change your bolt handles, then ask for them to be left fixative free on ordering.

Other designs are available on request such as the Valkyrie tactical handle.

The anodised black handles start at £75 supplied and fitted. Custom handles are POA.


I have recieved bolts through the post wrapped only in a jiffy bag !!!

Please parcel bolts up securely. A replacement remington bolt is over £300 new and then requires a full reproof. Send your bolts securely and well insured please.





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