Custom Built Rifles

                     Valhalla .22BR

Here is a rifle that I built as a demonstrator for the shooting show a couple of years ago.

Its a Valhalla action in single shot. Fitted with a Bartlien 1 in 8" twist barrel and chambered in .22Br. The barrelled action is highly polished and the action has all the usual refinments like cam locks on the bolt, barley twist fluting, facetted shroud , 20 moa rail etc.

The trigger is a jewel BR and the floor plate is a sunny hill stainless model.

The stock is a Robertson Varminter and is full pillar and devcon bedded.

The paint is a Black base, overlaid with silver marble and then candy apple red and has to be seen to be believed....it comes alive in sunlight, and these pictures don't do it justice.

The rifle has fired no more than 200 rounds and has basically been load developed only, and is very accurate indeed. Ammunition and neck turned brass will be supplied with it.

Would cost over £5000 to build now.

For sale at £3500. 

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