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                     Cerakote Firearms Paint.

As a  complementary service to Duracoat, i now offer Ceracoat firearms paint.

Ceracoat is ceramic based 2 pack firearms paint that is harder and thinner than duracoat. It has different uses in different places on the firearm. I like to use cerakote now on barrelled actions and places that are high wear.

For this application i use Cerakoat "H" series paint which is 2 pack and has to be baked in a specialist oven at 300 degrees for an hour. This precludes parts unable to withstand this heat.

I have stocks of "C" series paint however, which is single pack [ airdry ] and these match the H series colours. These can be used on stocks, scopes etc. However, this paint does not have the high wear factor of the H series, so should be borne in mind.

I tend to use Duracoat on stocks by preference as its a 2 pack and can be lightly baked.

Firearms sent to me are sripped down completely. I remove the barrel and everything is degreased THOROUGHLY. All parts are then blasted with 120 grit aluminium oxide , NOT bead media, which competitors use. Bead media is a polish and should not be used at all for paint preparation. It goes without saying that all parts not needing blasting are properly masked off and the barrel sealed properly. You wont find your custom barrel with a rubber bung stuffed in each end in my blaster.

The rifle is then assembled with a high melting point anti sieze paste re-applied to the barrel tenon and the breech face masked off with high temp tape. This not only ensures the breech face, nor the chamber see any paint, but also takes into consideration that the next owner/gunsmith will want to remove the barrel. If the barrelled action has been in a soaking tank without the barrel removing, then there will be no lubricant left in the joint.

The barrel will then gall on attempted removal by the next gunsmith/owner.

The paint is then applied and the gun baked as per Cerakote instructions.

The rifle is then reassembled by myself, with a full service thrown in free. The firearm is fully checked including the headspace and full function.

I am the ONLY applicator in the UK offering such a comprehensive service.

I do a fair amount of paintwork for several of the very best gunsmiths in the UK who demand a full strip etc as their reputations ride on the quality of my work.

My trade customers include Callum Ferguson at Precision Rifle Services and also Steve Kershaw at Kershaw Firearms. Paddy Dane at Dane and Co, Neil McKillop, plus many other gunshops around the UK. 

I dont have agents who know nothing of the job or paint in general , you will deal with me , the organ grinder , not some monkey !

Please also find that ALL pictures of custom rifles, and duracoat and cerakote paintwork on my site, are done by myself , and not lifted from other peoples websites or American gun sites.

I haven,t done either the duracoat or cerakote 2 day courses on how to mix paint or apply masking tape , which means i,m not a certified applicator.

What i have done is over 25 years of custom paintwork on Cars, trucks , scooters and Harley,s as a hobby.

Experience counts.

Here are a few prices for bits. Not all are listed as some are priced on an individual basis.

A barrelled action , bolt , shroud [ where applicable ] and rail....£175 inc VAT  in a single colour

Moderators........£50 .........single colour inc VAT

single parts such as a floorplate or magazine.............£30 inc VAT

Call for details on other parts etc.

I only paint Firearms, not airsoft toys or the new types of plastic .22Lr,s. 




                 Ceracoat colours in stock

Ceracoat H series


Graphite black

Milspec OD green

OD green

Armour black

Flat dark earth

AI Dark earth

Burnt bronze

Magpul OD green

McMillan Tan

Patriot brown

McMillan olive

Safety orange

Zombie green

Tungsten grey

McMillan grey


Coyote Tan


Benelli sand

Hidden white

Fire engine red

Sniper grey


Bright white

Multicam green

Sig dark grey


Cerakote C series


Micro slick

Flat dark earth

Magpul foliage green

Foliage green

Patriot brown

Tactical grey

Coyote Tan

Burnt bronze


Armour black

Milspec OD green

Graphite black

Magpul OD green.

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