Custom Built Rifles

                 Valkyrie AR10, s !

After much sourcing of parts, I can now offer the larger framed AR10 rifle in .308 win , 6.5 Creedmoor and .260 Rem.

The picture shown is the only spec available, with the exception of the rear stock, as I can get a wide variety of Magpul , Vltor etc to fit. The receivers and fore end are as shown.

Price for the gun as shown is £3500


                     .22 Long Rifle AR15's now available !

After sitting back and evaluating the plethora of rimfire uppers etc on the market, I,ve now started stocking the excellent Tactical solutions upper receiver for AR15,s .

I can supply these as they come , pictured below on a lower/stock. I,ve just popped out to the range and put 100 rounds through this very gun. A mixture of mini mag, and even the poorer quality hi velocity stuff. Then some match ammo, and finally, subsonic. All fed and fired without a single problem. A great, cost effective way of practising, or mini rifle etc.

Obviously [ as with most guns at Valkyrie ] these can be fully customised with Magpul stocks, Ceracoat paint....whatever takes your fancy really !


           The choice is yours [ not mine ! ]

I build a very wide variety of AR15 styles .I don't sell my standard rifles with junk stocks and fore ends however, only good quality components are used throughout.

Its easy to make a gun look cheap price wise,  by using junk parts....its simply conning the unwary. I've seen too many beginners and the inexperienced conned this way.

Not here.

Call for a chat, or drop in to discuss what YOU want to do with the rifle, and a selection of parts [ usually from stock] can be put together.

I Always have a selection of barrelled upper/lower receivers , which are proofed, and ready to be built upon, in stock.

Here are just a few builds from this month.

Be aware I ONLY chamber these rifles in .223 wylde or 223 AR match. These are the ONLY chambers which can safely shoot milsurp or 5.56 ammunition, or 77 grain handloads. If you buy a gun chambered in .223 rem, thats all it will safely shoot. 


             The Imperial National CSR Meeting 2015

I attended the full week and had a very good week indeed.

Gold in Urban contact service class.

Gold in Long range Rural contact service class

Gold in Short range rural contact service class

Silver in Long range Aggregate service class.

This is no happy accident. It comes from using a properly built rifle with a quality barrel, reamed and fitted by myself.

Do you want results like this ? Or are you happy to plink away with a sub standard rifle, cobbled together by people who don't shoot the rifles, or even know how to build one correctly ?

I "Walk the Walk"

Come and talk to an expert , not another bandwagon jumper.

National match winning pedigree rifles cost no more than the thrown together rubbish.

AR15,s capable of this standard of shooting from £2100 inc VAT.


                                      Warning !

There are now people throwing AR15,s together with no knowledge of how a straight pull weapon should work and function.

Ask what barrel is fitted , as there are foreign, pre chambered barrels being used that don't headspace correctly, and are incorrectly chambered for milsurp ammunition. To use this ammunition in one could result in an explosion of the weapon. They are inaccurate and unsatisfactory. Ignore the people who tell you these rifles are "just meccano kits" , not so.

Reputable AR15 builders chamber their own barrel blanks. I use only Border blanks. Below is a picture of four barrels awaiting muzzle threads after being chambered.

As you can see, each barrel has its own bolt that it is chambered and headspaced with. They ARE NOT interchangeable and able to keep the correct headspace measurement, which is not the same as a bolt action rifle. It needs to be an exact measurement to allow the gun to chamber and fire safely, and very importantly, extract properly and easily. This is not possible by cobbling together a barrel with a prefitted\prechambered chamber and a bolt from the other side of the world. remember, the bolts are MILSPEC. That means the tolerances are loose. They need individually fitting to a quality barrel to get the desired effects. The same skill, care and attention is used in fitting and chambering these barrels as any other rifle.

Correctly angled feed ramps, chamber finish and quality muzzle work all matter greatly. 

Why waste money on machine gun barrels when you can have a quality , British made, and British machined true match grade barrel. A rifle is only as good as its barrel....its the last thing the bullet touches ! 

Come and talk to the man who recently broke the british record for the highest score in a National CSR match, using a Valkyrie AR15. 


                 The other end of the scale !

This is a rifle I built for myself, purposely for CQB or FIBUA matches, shot at 100 yards. Its a no holds barred custom gun, and this level of customisation is available to anyone. It will involve a lengthy chat however !

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