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Quotes I have one of Daves remy 700s in a AICS stock in .308. I love the rifle, it shoots like a dream. It has won the uk varminting annual shoot early this year. It also won factory class in this years fly shoot at Diggle, hitting the fly in the process. A great piece of kit put together by a great guy. Cheers Dave!!!!! Quotes
John Anderton

Quotes Dave's work rocks!.... :-) Quotes
Paul Tasker
Dave's the man

Quotes Until I bought my first rifle from Dave I had no idea what was actually possible regarding accuracy ...having only shot factory rifles beforehand. Wow!........ Suddenly getting reliably tight groups from a stunning tactical rifle in .308 was a revelation...and it looked damned good too! Since then I have had Dave build me a 338 Lapua Magnum and a Remington 260 ...both fantastically accurate (when I hold them straight) and the Duracoat paintwork is truly a work of art in each case. Dave is the Biz! Dave Thain Quotes
Dave Thain
Very happy Customer!

Quotes I can honestly say that the rifle Dave built for me is the most accurate rifle I have ever owned. I have owned a few too! I won the McQueen league at Diggle in 2009 and have never been out of the top three everytime I have shot the McQueen at Bisley ( getting beaten by Dave a few times) He has put together my FAC Shotgun which I came 11th overall in the 2010 national Championships, this was my 1st ever target shotgun comp. I am a apprentice trained Engineer and Daves work rates as the best I have seen. Results with the rifles he builds speak for themselves. Awesome! Quotes
Tim Finley
Shooter and media wh@re

Quotes I have one of Dave's .308 blueprinted Remy 700 actions with an Archer heavy match barrel and a Wild-dog stock. Its a .308, but holds its own against fancy high BC calibers in McQueens regularly placed in the top 3 with the odd No.1 slot. Did I mention it was a .308? Quite apart from its top-drawer performance is the quality of the workmanship - even if I didnt shoot it I could sit and look at it all day long. Its a pleasure to own a gun from a gunsmith who takes professional pride in his workmanship and who judges his guns by their accuracy. Cheers Dave. Quotes
Mike Siva-Jothy
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