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Quotes I sent my 22rf to Dave for him to screw cut the barrel. A somewhat minor job for a rifle builder. So I assumed it would take it's turn down the list to be fitted in between bigger jobs. To my surprise, I returned home in less than a week to read an e-mail that the work was already finished and was awaiting payment and return. A real neat and professional piece of work topped only by his excellent customer service. My first time in dealing with Dave and he is to be recomended Quotes
Ben from Orkney
Mr. B.Featherstone

Quotes Dave has just built me a stalking / hunting rifle in .280 rem. Where do l begin and for that matter where do l finish in my praise for the man and his work? I wont go through the complete spec. but if anyone wants to check it out feel free to email me via dave. I will just say that if you had to go into the wild with one trusted mate he would be a sure bet. He wont let you down, Get on the phone and order that rifle of your dreams...lifes too short, just do it !! Quotes
chris nunn

Quotes The man did it again. AICS have just brought out the AICS AX stock. Available as a chassis from Sporting Services. So it an email to Dave can you do it? Course I can, got the stock shipped to Dave (which he hated at first sight) and then worked up the spec with his input (dont even try and get him to fit something that he doesn?t think is up to the mark) Valkyrie Action, 30 inch Border cut barrel, Duracoate etc etc. It should be on Dave?s gallery by now. What is even better is that I could even choose my own serial number ? how cool is that. It is absolutely the dogs do dahs, will shoot through the same hole at 100 yards no problem. Haven?t tried it at 1000 but am confident , apart from an old man?s eyesight, I will get that target. Dave is the man, the end product he produces is just spectacular. By the way Dave did change his mind in the end and agrees with me the ACIS AX stock is really good ? see he is wrong sometimes. Quotes
Trevor Maxim
satisfied customer

Quotes Excellent communications & very fast turn around. Sent my Rem700 bolt to Dave on Saturday to have a tactical bolt knob fitted & received it back job done by Tuesday 1pm. Not cheap, but then this level of service is rare in a Gunsmith today & worth every penny. I know who I'll contact for similar jobs in future. Quotes
D Cottee

Quotes GREAT RIFLE Dave has just built me a 308 Valkyrie magazine action long range target rifle,using a 30inch border barrel, Jewell trigger, Vais muzzle break, the action and barrel were bead blasted to match and bedded into an AICS stock, at 600 yards it shoots V bulls with ease. I will be shooting at 1000 and 1200 yards in the near future. With Dave's advise I am using a Nightforce 12-42x56 NSX scope with a NP-2DD reticle. I must thank Dave for his advise and skills in producing an accurate rifle, and all in 8 weeks. Stephen Dennick Quotes
Stephen Dennick

Quotes Dave built me my very first custom: .223 Valkyrie repeater action, Shilen 1:14 barrel, AICS stock and Jewell trigger. Can't begin to boast how damn good looking it is! Until you get the rifle in your hands its hard to appreciate the level of craftsmanship Dave puts into his work. No photographer on the planet could capture his gift of gunsmithing. The finish is exhibition-grade stuff, the action is flawless and I'm already getting cloverleaf groups at 100m after only 25 rounds of load development!! Now if that isn't testament to his skill I don't know what is! If I ever find anything larger than Charlie to shoot in West Wales I'll be getting myself another custom from Dave ASAP. Cheers Dave. Quotes
Bleddyn Edwards
VERY happy Welshman!

Quotes A fantastic Duracoat job on my RM10/22, finish is awesome. Dave always has the time to stop for a chat despite him clearly being very busy and his skill, knowledge, and enthusiasm are beyond question. I'll only be phoning one 'smith when it's time for a custom rifle. Quotes
Mike Hibberd

Quotes Dave fitted a new bolt handle refitted and regulated the trigger and did so at my conenience fitting the job into my visit schedule to the North East. Great service skillfully done absolutely no hesitation in using him again or in recommending him to others. Quotes
Tony Lawson

Quotes What can I say that hasn't already been said,absolutely superb work,thanks Dave. Quotes
Ian Adams

Quotes I recently bought a Remington 700 SPS Tactical, with the 20" heavy barrel and I found that with the Warne scope rail fitted, I couldn't get my sausage fingers in to load the 4 rnd internal mag, so I decided to buy a magazine conversion and have it with a 10 rnd mag. I sent the stock and the kit up to Dave and I thought I would have a very long wait, but the newly equipped 700 was back in my hands after only a few days. I fitted everything back together after giving it a really good look over and I couldn't believe how perfect a job Dave had made of it. I've only put about 50 rnds through it, since the conversion, but it cycles perfectly, it never missed a beat during all 5 loads and it makes the rifle look the business. It must have been a pain to hold it still, in the jig for machining, with it having a Hogue over moulded stock. But he did it and I'm more than happy with his work and I have no hesitation in recomending Dave. Baz, a chuffed customer Quotes
Baz Plumpton
Toatally Chuffed & Over The Moon, First Time Customer