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I have trade accounts with all the major UK companies , such as Edgar Bros, GMK, Norman Clark, Jackson Rifles, York Guns, Tim Hannams, RUAG, Midway UK,   etc etc.

I supply standard factory rifles from Remington, Tikka, Sako etc. With or without various stages of customisation, ring for quotes.

I can supply all reloading sundries, powders, primers, a vast array of bullets etc,  off the shelf, or usually within a week.

Cases from AIM sports, and Peli. Backpack/scabbards from Eberlestock.

Telescopic sights from Schmidt and Bender, Nightforce, Swarovski, Kahles, IOR, Leupold and Karl Zeiss.

Mounts from Badger, ARMS, Larue [ when available ] TPS, Warne and optilock.

I,m not a cut price merchant. I supply quality accessories at recommended retail prices. What you will get for nothing, is good, sound, advice based on practical experience. You will also get your accessories, such as scopes, rings etc, fitted and correctly set up.....for nothing.

You wont be sold goods that are not fit for the purpose you intend, simply because they are in stock. Firearms and accessories are not easily changed, due to our licensing laws, and i strive to ensure that a customer will be supplied with goods that are right for them.

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