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Floorplate systems

I have a floorplate system available that accepts the Accuracy International AICS magazines.

It is available in short and long action and accepts the .308 based 5 and 10 round mags in short action. These can be utilised and modified to fit most cartridges for example;

.308 , .243, 22-250, .260, 6.5 x 47, 6x 47  etc.

It also accepts the 10 round plastic AICS .223 magazine which can also be used for .204, 20 tactical, .20 practical, .17 Rem, .222 etc.

The long action will accept the 5 round mags suitable for .300 win mag which are also convertable for other large calibres including the .338 lapua magnum .

The floorplates are available as a kit which includes pillars and bolts for £175, however I strongly recommend fitting by a competent gunsmith with a milling machine.

I can supply, mill and bed in the new floorplate @ £300.

Magazines are extra.




                       Long Action.

 The long action floorplate is now available from stock. The kit includes the floorplate, two pillars of the correct height, and two new action bolts. These will need cutting to size.

The kit does NOT include a magazine, these are available separatly.



                                    Tikka T3 Floorplate system

I now have a floorplate system in stock to fit the T3. It accepts the AICS magazine in both .308 size and .223 size, which also means all the cartridges which normally feed from these mags.

£300 fully inletted and supplied.

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